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Scholarly and Professional Activities

Areas of Special Interests and Accomplishments 

- First nations' art, culture, and pedagogy
- In-service arts teacher education, art production, and art pedagogy
- Development of a/r/tography as a research methodology and as a form of pedagogy


Recent Research or Equivalent Grants

2024-2027 - Australian Research Council: Advancing Child and Youth-led Climate Change Education with Country

Principal Investigator: Amy Cutter-Mackenzie Knowles; Co-Investigators: Tracey Bunda, Alexandra Lasczik, Louise Phillips, Kim Snepvangers, Rita Irwin, Shannon Leddy

2023-2025 - SSHRC Convergence: Frontiers Grant: Re-storying community: Arts-based digital storytelling for community inquiry

Principal Investigator: Ching-Chiu Lin; Co-Investigators: Rita Irwin among others


2022-2025 - SSHRC Partnership Development Grant: Learning with the Land

Principal Investigator: Rita Irwin; Co-Investigators: 24 Co-Is and Collaborators


2021 - RISS [Fac of Ed, Research Infrastructure Support]: Learning with the Land

Principal Investigator: Rita Irwin


2021 - 2022 - Scholarly Publications Fund, UBC Provost Office: A/r/tography: Essential Readings and Conversations [subvention]

Principal Investigator: Rita Irwin


2021-2025 SSHRC Insight Grant: Retracing, Reimagining and Reconciling our Roots

Principal Investigator: Rita Irwin; Co-Investigators: Shannon Leddy, Anita Sinner, Michele Sorensen, & Valerie Triggs


2021 - 2026 SSHRC Insight Grant: Geographies of Artwork Scholarship: Investigating Impact Literacies as Ecologies of Sensible Practice

Principal Investigator: Annita Sinner; Co-Investigator: Rita Irwin

2021 - Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy: Pedagogical Propositions: Playful Walking with A/r/tography

Principal Investigator: Rita Irwin

2019-2022 - 2019 Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters Competition, UBC (including trainee and bridge funding)

Principal Investigator: Leslie Roman; Co-Investigators: Rita Irwin and 19 others

2019-2022 - SSHRC Partnership Development Grant: Growing Innovation in Rural Sites of Learning

Principal Investigator: Leyton Schnellert; Co-Investigators: D. Butler, G. Giles, K. Sanford, M. Latta, P. Fisher, S. Davidson + Collaborators: R. Irwin, A. Priest, W. Carr, L. Kanevsky

2018-2021 - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Partnership Development Grant): Mapping A/r/tography: Transnational storytelling across historical and cultural routes of significance

Principal Investigator: Rita Irwin; Co-Investigators: Jun Hu, Koichi Kasahara, Alexandra Lasczik, Ricardo Marins, Joaquin Roldan, Anita Sinner, Valerie Triggs + 11 collaborators + 9 partners

2017-2020 - RISS Funding [Faculty of Education Research Infrastructure Support]: Mapping A/r/tography: Transnational storytelling across historical and cultural routes of significance 

Principal Investigator: Rita Irwin

2018-2019 - RISS Funding [Faculty of Education Research Infrastructure Support]: Three Research Conferences in 

Principal Investigator: Rita Irwin and George Belliveau

2016-2019 - SSHRC Insight Grant: O Canada! Reimagining Canadian Identity: A Cosmopolitan Approach to Teaching and Learning

Principal Investigator: Rita Irwin; Co-Investigators: George Belliveau, Peter Gouzouasis, Carl Leggo, William F. Pinar, and Ching-Chiu Lin

2016-2019 -
SSHRC Insight Grant: The Transversality Hub: Towards a new mode of learning for community arts practice Principal Investigator: Ching-Chiu Lin; Co-Investigators: Rita Irwin, Anita Sinner, Peter Grimmett, J. Wicks

* For information on earlier grants, please see Rita Irwin’s full CV.

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