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Scholarly Societies

Educational Research Organizations
2006-2024 - Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

2006-2008, Board member representing large organizations
2008-2012, General Assembly member: Representing UBC

1987-2024 - Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE)

2008-2010, Past President
2006-2008, President
2007-2008, Inaugural International Education Research Meetings, Rep.
2005-2006, First Vice-President, Anglophone
2004-2005, Second Vice-President, Anglophone
2001-2003, Board of Directors & Standing Committee on Government & External Relations

1992-2024 - American Educational Research Association (AERA)

2002-2003, Communication of Research SIG, Awards Committee Co-chair

2014-2015, ABER SIG Tom Barone Distinguished Contributions to ABER Award Com. 

2004, AERA SIG, Arts and Learning Awards Committee for Outstanding Achievement          

Curriculum Studies Organizations

2004-2024 - International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (IAACS)

2004-2007, Membership Committee

1987-2024 - Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies (CACS)

2003-2005, Past President
2001-2003, President
1999-2001, First Vice-President


Art Education Organizations

1990-2024 - International Society for Education Through Art (INSEA)

2019-2022, IMAG Editorial Board

2017-2019, IJETA Principal Editor

2015-2016, IJETA Principal Editor Elect

2014-2019, Past President

2008-2014, President
2005-2008, Vice-President
1999-2005, North American Representative, World Council
1993-1994, Chair, North American Regional of INSEA
1993-1994, World Council Research Committee
1999-1994, World Council Affiliates Committee


2008-2024 - World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE), Presidential Council


2017-2018, Chair, Executive Forum

2012-2013, Chair, Executive Forum
2008-2012, Presidential Council member


1984-2024 - Canadian Society for Education Through Art (CSEA)

1999-2004, Honorary President
1996-1998, Past President
1992-1996, President (elected for 2 terms)
1990-1992, Vice-President


1992-2024 - British Columbia Art Teachers' Association (BCATA)

1992-1999, UBC/CSEA/InSEA Liaison Representative


1988-2024 - National Art Education Association (NAEA)

1994-2010, Women's Caucus member
2007-2008, Chair, McFee Awards Committee
1988-1992, Public Policy and Arts Administration (PPAA)


1988-1992 - Ontario Society for Education Through Art (OSEA)

1989-1992, Advisory Council Executive Member


1978-1988 - Fine Arts Council (FAC) of the Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA)

1987-1988, President Elect
1984-1986, CSEA Art Representative
1984-1986, Provincial Art Representative
1980-1986, SARFAC Representative


1978-1988 - Southern Alberta Regional Fine Arts Council (SARFAC) of ATA

1985-1986, President
1983-1985, Vice President
1981-1983, Music Representative
1979-1981, Secretary-Treasurer

Scholarly Committees

2023-2024 UBC Institute of Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice (GRSJ) Faculty Associate


2021 Visual Storytelling and Graphic Art in Genocide and Human Rights Education, Partnership Grant, Advisory Board


2015 - Il European Conference on Curriculum Studies, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, Scientific Committee

2013 - Configurando O Mapa Contemporáneo: Curso de arte e educatión, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Scientific Committee (December 5-7)

2013-2014 - 2nd International Artistic Research and Arts Based Research Conference, Granada, Spain

2013-2014 - International Art Education Symposium, Turkey.  Anadolu University International Art Education Symposium Scientific Committee

2011-2015 - Advisory Board, Institute for Research in Art, Design and Society, Research Center at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto (called i2ADS) (Catarina Martins and Jose Paiva, research institute directors)

2009-2014 - International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, Member Scholar, Univrsity of Alberta

2004-2006 - International Handbook for Research on Arts Education, Liora Bresler Editor. Editorial Board Member

2003-2006 - International Advisory Board Member, International Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Social Science Research, Sage Publications (Gary Knowles and Arda Cole, Editors)

1996-2010 - Council for Policy Studies in Art Education (CPSAE)

1996-1999 - Membership Committee

2010 - Emily Carr University of Art and Design Educational Leave and Sabbatical Committee

2002-2005 - Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design Educational Leave and Sabbatical Committee

1999-1992 - Ontario Graduate Scholarship Selection Board (OGSSB); Executive Committee

1984-1986 - Executive Member ATA Local #41

1987-1988 - Chair of the Professional Development Committee

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