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Book Reviews in Refereed Journals


Book review of: “Educating artists for the future:  Learning at the intersections of art, science, technology and culture” edited by Mel Alexenberg. (2008). Bristol, UK: Intellect.  Studies in Art Education, 50(4), 405-407.


Book Review of: Bolin, P., Blandy, D., & Congdon, K. G. (Eds.). (2000). “Remembering others: Making invisible histories of art education visible”. Reston, Virginia: National Art Education Association. Studies in Art Education, 45(2), 170-173.


Book review of “The Arts and the Creation of Mind” by Elliot Eisner. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, (2002). Journal of Critical Inquiry into Curriculum and Instruction, 5(2), 38-39.


Book Review of Jenny Aland & Max Darby (1992). “Art connections”. Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: Heinemann Educational Publishers, Australia. Canadian Review of Art Education, 21(2), 132-134.


Irwin, Rita L. (1991). Book Review of Donald Herberholz & Barbara Herberholz (1990). “Artworks for elementary teachers: Developing artistic and perceptual awareness”. Canadian Review of Art Education, 18(2), 161-163.

* For information on earlier work, please see Rita Irwin’s full CV.

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