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Other Societies

1996-2024 - Richmond Art Gallery Association (RAGA)

2000, Past President and Secretary
1998-2000, President
1996-1998, Secretary


1992-2024 - Vancouver Art Gallery, member (VAG)
1987-2024 - O.E.S., Maple Leaf Chapter, Lethbridge, Alberta

1988-1992 - Thunder Bay Art Gallery Association (TBAG)


1989-1990, Education Council


1981-1986 - Southern Alberta Art Gallery Association (SAAG)

1984-1986, Board Member


1973-1987 - O.E.S., Heather Chapter #51, Alberta; Provincial Grand page (1977)


Memberships on Other Committees

2012-2013 - Foundation for Advocacy of Family Rights, board member.

2012-2014 - BHER (Borderless Higher Education for Refugees) Publications/Guidelines Authorship Committee (attached to Dadaab Refugee Camp program)

2010 - UNESCO International Advisory Committee on Arts Education and rep to the UNESCO World Arts Education
          Conference, Seoul, Korea

2010-2011 - ABCDE-BCCT Teacher Education Liaison Committee, UBC Re.

2009 - UNESCO International Advisory Committee on Arts Education Summit, Paris France.

2007 - Inaugural Meeting of the International Education Research Associations, April 13-14.

2005-2010 - ABCDE, Associate Dean Rep for UBC

2005 - UNESCO Canadian Commission Committee to prepare the Canadian submission for the UNESCO World Commission on  Arts Education Summit, Portugal 2006; Committee member

2004 - Arts Education Think Tank, April 2, sponsored by Canada Council, Canadian Conference of the Arts, UNESCO,: Heritage Canada, and the Canadian Coalition for Arts Education

1998-1999 - National Arts Education Symposium Steering Committee
1998-1999 - LMS 605 Strata Council
1991-1992 - Regional Arts Education Advisory Council (RAEAC), Thunder Bay
1990-1992 - Thunder Bay Regional Arts Council (TBRAC)

1989-1992 - Arts Steering Committee, Lakehead Board of Education
                 - Primary/Junior Regional Co-ordinating Committee, Ministry of Education, Ontario

1989-1990 - Children's Resource Art Gallery Committee, Thunder Bay

1984-1986 - Series '85 and Series '86, Visual Arts Education Course Development for the Visual Arts Branch of Alberta Culture, Government of Alberta

1983-1984 - Pilot teacher and art curriculum review committee member for the Alberta Department of Education, Government of Alberta

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